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Day after day, our Customers & Partners are progressing to develop new therapies with Dendrigraft of L-Lysine from proof of concept at lab scale, up to clinical trials


Adoptive macrophages reverse the immunosuppressive microenvironment in glioblastoma via programmed phenotypic polarization

2023 Research Square / Fan et al. / Keywords: Adoptive macrophage therapy, glioblastoma, tumour immune microenvironment, phenotype polarization, immunotherapy

Osteogenic Potential of a Polyethylene Glycol Hydrogel Functionalized with Poly-Lysine Dendrigrafts (DGL) for Bone Regeneration

2023 Materials / Roumani et al. / Keywords: poly-lysine dendrigraft, hydrogel, bone regeneration scaffold, stem cell chemotaxis,
osteogenic potential


Smart hypoxia-responsive transformable and charge-reversible nanoparticles for the deep penetration and tumor microenvironment modulation of pancreatic cancer

2022 Biomaterials / Chen et al. / Keywords: Hypoxia-responsive, Size reduction, Charge reversal, Deep penetration, TME modulation

Intranasal Delivery of BACE1 siRNA and Rapamycin by Dual Targets Modified Nanoparticles for Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy

2022 Small / Yang et al. / Keywords: Aleuria Aurantia Lectin, Alzheimer’s disease, Amyloid-β, Autophagy, Intranasal Administration

Protein corona-driven nanovaccines improve antigen intracellular release and immunotherapy efficacy

2022 Journal of Controlled Release / Du et al. / Keywords: Vaccine delivery, Protein corona effect, Antigen cytosolic release, Tumor vaccine, cancer immunotherapy


Design and characterization of an in vivo injectable hydrogel with effervescently generated porosity for regenerative medicine applications

2021 Acta Biomaterialia / Griveau et al. / Keywords: Porous and injectable hydrogels, Effervescence, Tissue engineering

Gene-Activated Matrix with Self-Assembly Anionic Nano-Device Containing Plasmid DNAs for Rat Cranial Bone Augmentation

2021 Materials / Hara et al. / Keywords: bone augmentation; in vivo gene delivery; gene-activated matrix; plasmid vector; self-assembly nano-device

Delivery of pDNA to the Lung by Lipopolyplexes Using N-Lauroylsarcosine and Effect on the Pulmonary Fibrosis

2021 Pharmaceutics / Kurosaki et al. / Keywords: gene delivery; shRNA; nanoparticles; pulmonary fibrosis; N-lauroylsarcosine

Enhanced endosomal escape of dendrigraft poly-L-lysine polymers for the efficient gene therapy of breast cancer

2021 Nano Research / Ye et al. / Keywords: dendrigraft poly-L-lysine, siRNA delivery, gene therapy, endosomal escape

Size-shrinkable and protein kinase Cα-recognizable nanoparticles for deep tumor penetration and cellular internalization

2021 European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Ma et al. / Keywords: Enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect, Deep tumor penetration, Hyaluronidase (HAase), Glycyrrhetinic acid (GA), Tumor targeting

Evaluation of transgene expression characteristics and DNA vaccination against melanoma metastasis of an intravenously injected ternary complex with biodegradable dendrigraft poly-L-lysine in mice

2021 Drug Delivery / Kodama et al. / Keywords: Splenic vector; DNA vaccine; ternary complex; melanoma; gene delivery


2020 Adv. Funct. Mater. / Cai et al. / Keywords: acid-responsive, Alzheimer’s disease, blood–brain barrier transcytosis, neuron targeted

2020 Adv. Healthcare Mater. / Hong et al. / Keywords: low molecular weight heparin, microvascular obstructions, miRNA, myocardial infarctions, nanodelivery

2020 Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine / Zhao et al. / Keywords: H9N2 avian influenza; Dendrigraft poly-L-lysine; Nanoparticles; Delivery of DNA vaccine; Immune responses

2020 RSC Adv. / Fang et al. / Keywords: Ga radiolabeling, RGD, tumor PET imaging

2020 Adv. Sci. / Chen et al. / Keywords: antitumor immune responses, immunogenic cell death, immunosuppression, metal–organic frameworks, penetration

2020 Colloids and Surfaces Biointerfaces / Agazzi et al. / Keywords: Poly-L-lysine dendrigraft, Polyamine-salt aggregates, Size pH-switchable supraparticles, Trypsin-triggered release, Multistage drug release

2020 J. Biomed. Mater. Res. / Carrancá et al. / Keywords: biocompatibility, cell interaction, mechanical properties, PEG based hydrogels, poly(L-lysine) dendrimers

2020 J. Biomed. Mater. Res. / Ramirez et al. / Keywords: apatitic cement, composite biomaterial, microstructure, reticulated hydrogel


Dandelion-Like Tailorable Nanoparticles for Tumor Microenvironment Modulation

2019 Advanced Science / Guo et al. / Keywords: penetration, pH-triggered release, tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) polarization, tumor therapy

Tumor-Associated Fibroblast-Targeted Regulation and Deep Tumor Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Drugs with a Multifunctional Size-Switchable Nanoparticle

2019 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces / Cun et al. / Keywords: drug delivery, deep tumor penetration, tumor-associated fibroblast (TAF) targeting, tumor microenvironment, tumor therapy

Targeted Delivery Prodigiosin to Choriocarcinoma by Peptide-Guided Dendrigraft Poly-L-lysines Nanoparticles

2019 Int. J. Mol. Sci. / Zhao et al. / Keywords: dendrigraft poly-L-lysines nanoparticles; placenta chondroitin sulfate A binding peptide; Serratia marcescens prodigiosin; targeted delivery; choriocarcinoma

Enhanced lysosome escape mediated by 1,2-dicarboxylic-cyclohexene anhydride-modified poly-L-lysine dendrimer as a gene delivery system

2019 Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Shen et al. / Keywords: Antisense oligodeoxynucleotide (ASODN); Gene delivery; Dendrigraft poly-L-lysines (DGL); Lysosomal escape; Tumor targeting

Dendrigraft of Poly‑L‑lysine as a Promising Candidate To Reverse Heparin-based Anticoagulants in Clinical Settings

2019 ACS Med. Chem. Lett. / Vial et al. / Keywords: Anticoagulant, antidote, heparin, dendrigraft of poly-L-lysine, protamine


Delivery of microRNA-1 inhibitor by dendrimer-based nanovector: An early targeting therapy for myocardial infarction in mice

2018 Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine / Xue et al. / Keywords: Early targeting therapy; Nanovector; Dendrigraft poly-L-lysine; miRNA-1; Myocardial infarction

Effect of Dendrigraft Generation on the Interaction between Anionic Polyelectrolytes and Dendrigraft Poly(L-Lysine)

2018 Polymers / Cottet et al. / Keywords: polyelectrolyte complexes; dendrimers; frontal analysis continuous capillary electrophoresis; counter-ion release; binding constants; ionic strength dependence

Enzyme-triggered size shrink and laser-enhanced NO release nanoparticles for deep tumor penetration and combination therapy

2018 Biomaterials / Gao et al. / Keywords: Size shrinkable; Nitric oxide; Deep penetration; Chemo-photothermal therapy; Tumor microenvironment

Acid-Responsive Transferrin Dissociation and GLUT Mediated Exocytosis for Increased Blood–Brain Barrier Transcytosis and Programmed Glioma Targeting Delivery

2018 Adv. Funct. Mater / Gao et al. / Keywords: acid-responsive functionalization, blood-brain barrier transcytosis, cleavable transferin, MAN, programmed targeting

Platinum-Based Nanovectors Engineered with Immuno-Modulating Adjuvant for Inhibiting Tumor growth and Promoting Immunity

2018 Theranostics / Jiang et al. / Keywords: tumor immune microenvironment, platinum, chemotherapy, immune response

A size switchable nanoplatform for targeting the tumor microenvironment and deep tumor penetration

2018 Nanoscale / He et al. / Keywords: solid tumor penetration, doxorubicin, combined therapy

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Poly-L-lysine Dendrigrafts (But Were Afraid to Ask)

2018 Chem. Eur. J. / Vial et al. / Keywords: antibacterial agents · biosensing · dendritic polymers · material and tissue engineering · non-viral vectors · poly-l-lysines


Dendron-Grafted Polylysine-Based Dual-Modal Nanoprobe for Ultra-Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Precancerosis via Targeting a Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator Receptor

2017 Adv. Healthcare Mater. / Cheng et al. / Keywords: activator receptors, dendron-loaded nanoprobes, magnetic resonance imaging, NIR fluorescence bioimaging, pancreatic cancer

Dual Aptamer Modified Dendrigraft Poly-L-lysines Nanoparticle for Overcoming Multi-drug Resistance through Mitochondrial Targeting

2017 Journal of Materials Chemistry B / Chen et al. / Keywords: mitochondria-targeted chemotherapy; drug resistance tumor cells; doxorubicin (Dox); ATP aptamer; AS1411; cytochrome c aptamer

Magnetic Resonance Gd‑RGD Imaging Study of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with High and Low Metastatic Potential before and after Human Bone Marrow‑derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Intervention

2017 Chinese Medical Journal / Li et al. / Keywords: Arginine‑Glycine‑Aspartic Acid; Bone Marrow‑derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells; High Metastatic Potential Hepatocellular Carcinoma; Integrin; Low Metastatic Potential Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Digitizing Poly‑L‑lysine Dendrigrafts: From Experimental Data to Molecular Dynamics Simulations

2017 J. Chem. Inf. Model. / Vial et al. / Keywords: three-dimensional structures of poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts and the subsequent investigation of their structural features

Direct Macromolecular Drug Delivery to Cerebral Ischemia Area using Neutrophil-Mediated Nanoparticles

2017 Theranostics / Wang et al. / Keywords: brain targeting, catalase, neutrophils, PGP, ischemic stroke

New Potential In Situ Anticancer Agent Derived from [188Re]rhenium Nitro-Imidazole Ligand Loaded 5th Generation Poly-L-Lysine Dendrimer for Treatment of Transplanted Human Liver Carcinoma in Nude Mice

2017 Drug Designing / Belhadj-Tahar et al. / Keywords: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC); Dendrimer; In situ anticancer agent; Nanomedicine

Substance P Mediated DGLs Complexing with DACHPt for Targeting Therapy of Glioma

2017 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces / Jiang et al. / Keywords: glioma, drug delivery, platinum drug, blood-brain barrier, Substance P

Sequential Delivery of Cyclopeptide RA-V and Doxorubicin for Combination Therapy on Resistant Tumor and In Situ Monitoring of Cytochrome c Release

2017 Theranostics / Tan et al. / Keywords: cancer, sequential drug delivery, combination therapy, cytochrome c, cyclopeptide RA-V, doxorubicin


Dual Functional Peptide-Driven Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient Glioma-Targeting and Drug Codelivery

2016 Mol. Pharmaceutics / Jiang et al. / Keywords: combination therapy, RNA interference, glioma dual targeting, transferrin, doxorubicin

Biochip-based instruments development for space exploration: influence of the antibody immobilization process on the biochip resistance to freeze-drying, temperature shifts and cosmic radiations

2016 International Journal of Astrobiology / Coussot et al. / Keywords: Astrobiology, biochip, search for Extraterrestrial Life, space constraints.

Application of biodegradable dendrigraft poly-L-lysine to a small interfering RNA delivery system

2016 Journal of Drug Targeting / Sasaki et al. / Keywords: dendrigraft poly-L-lysine; biodegradable; siRNA delivery; γ polyglutamic acid; nanoparticles

Frit inlet field-flow fractionation techniques for the characterization of polyion complex self-assemblies

2016 Journal of Chromatography A / Mingotaud et al. / Keywords: Flow field flow fractionation, Frit inlet flow field-flow fractionation, Polyion complex micelles, Polymers, Self-assembly

Harnessing the PEG-cleavable strategy to balance cytotoxicity, intracellular release and the therapeutic effect of dendrigraft poly-L-lysine for cancer gene therapy

2016 Journal of Chromatography A / Ren et al. / Keywords: gene delivery; cancer therapy; PEG-cleavable strategy

Dendrigraft polylysine coated-poly(glycolic acid) fibrous scaffolds for hippocampal neurons

2016 JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH A / Kojima et al. / Keywords: polylysine, neuron culture, dendrimer, dendrigraft, poly(glycolic acid)


Multistage drug delivery system based on microenvironment-responsive dendrimer-gelatin nanoparticles for deep tumor penetration

2015 RSC Advances / Gao et al. / Keywords: nanoparticle, drug delivery, dendritic poly-L-lysine, doxorubicin

Integrin-mediated active tumor targeting and tumor microenvironment response dendrimer-gelatin nanoparticles for drug delivery and tumor treatment

2015 International Journal of Pharmaceutics / Gao et al. / Keywords: Tumor penetration and retention, Breast cancer, Multistage drug delivery system, Matrix metalloproteinase-2, Gelatin nanoparticles

Monitoring Clinical Levels of Heparin in Human Blood Samples with an Indicator-Displacement Assay

2015 Chemical Communications / Vial et al. / Keywords: dendri-graft poly-L-lysine, complex, heparin, fluorescence titration

A KISS (Keep It Simple, Sensor) Array for Glycosaminoglycans

2015 Chemical Communications / Vial et al. / Keywords: dendri-graft poly-L-lysine, complex, heparin, fluorescence titration

Taking Advantage of Electric Field Induced Bacterial Aggregation for the Study of Interactions between Bacteria and Macromolecules by Capillary Electrophoresis

2015 Analytical Chemistry / Cottet et al. / Keywords: dendrigraft poly-L-lysines, bacterial aggregation phenomenon, quantitification

On-line capillary electrophoresis-based enzymatic methodology for the study of polymer-drug conjugates

2015 Journal of Chromatography A / Coussot et al. / Keywords: Capillary electrophoresis, On-line trypsin digestion, Biodegradable polymers, Nano-enzyme reactor


Molar-Mass Analysis of Dendrigraft Poly(L-lysine) (DGL) Polyelectrolytes by SEC-MALLS: The “Cornerstone” Refractive Index Increment

2014 Macromol. Chem. Phys. / Ladavière et al. / Keywords: dendrigrafts, molecular-weight distribution, polyelectrolytes, refractive-index increment, SEC-MALLS

Biodegradable nanoparticles composed of dendrigraft poly-L-lysine for gene delivery

2014 European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics / Sasaki et al. / Keywords: Dendrigraft poly-L-lysine, Biodegradable, Gene delivery, c-Polyglutamic acid, Nanoparticle, Ternary complex

Multi-Technique Characterization of Poly-L-Lysine Dendrigrafts-Cu(II) Complexes for Biocatalysis

2014 Macromolecular Bioscience / Rossi et al. / Keywords: circular dichroism, EPR spectroscopy, poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts, potentiometric titrations, UV-vis spectroscopy

Tumor cell membrane-targeting pH-dependent electron donor-acceptor fluorescence systems with low background signals

2014 Biomaterials / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Dopamine, Electron donor-acceptor, Fluorescence system, pH-dependent, Tumor cell membrane targeting delivery

Effect of Dendrimer Generation on the Interactions between Human Serum Albumin and Dendrigraft Polylysines

2014 Langmuir / Cottet et al. / Keywords: DGL, HSA, capillary electrophoresis

Biosynthetic support based on dendritic poly(L-lysine) improves human skin fibroblasts attachment

2014 Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition / Lorion et al. / Keywords: poly(L-lysine) dendrigrafts; fibroblasts; cell adhesion; integrin; DL-lactide/glycolide copolymer

A Bacteria Deriving Peptide Modified Dendrigraft Poly‑L‑lysines (DGL) Self-Assembling Nanoplatform for Targeted Gene Delivery

2014 Molecular Pharmaceutics / Jiang et al. / Keywords: brain-targeted, tumor-targeted, gene delivery, laminin receptor, nanoparticles


Tumor-Targeting and Microenvironment-Responsive Smart Nanoparticles for Combination Therapy of Antiangiogenesis and Apoptosis

2013 ACS Nano / Jiang et al. / Keywords: cell-penetrating peptide, chemotherapy, combination therapy, tumor microenvironment,
tumor-targeting nanoparticles, VEGF

Acid Active Receptor-Specific Peptide Ligand for In Vivo Tumor-Targeted Delivery

2013 Small / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Targeting therapy of tumors; Drug-delivery systems

Targeting Caspase-3 as Dual Therapeutic Benefits by RNAi Facilitating Brain-Targeted Nanoparticles in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease

2013 PLOS ONE / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Activation of caspase-3; Parkinson’s disease; Brain-targeted gene delivery system; Non-viral gene vector

Choline transporter-targeting and co-delivery system for glioma therapy

2013 Biomaterials / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Cancer therapy, Choline transporter, Co-delivery, Dual targeting, Nanoparticles

Brain-targeting delivery for RNAi neuroprotection against cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury

2013 Biomaterials / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Dermorphin, Brain-targeting nanoparticles, RNAi, Ask1, Ischemia/reperfusion injury

Angiopep-Conjugated Nanoparticles for Targeted Long-Term Gene Therapy of Parkinson’s Disease

2013 Pharm. Res. / Jiang et al. / Keywords: angiopep-conjugated nanoparticles, dendrigraft poly-L-lysine, gene therapy, multiple dosing administrations, Parkinson’s disease

A choline derivate-modified nanoprobe for glioma diagnosis using MRI


Tumor targeting and microenvironment responsive nanoparticles for gene delivery

2013 Biomaterials / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Activatable, Cell-penetrating peptide, Gene delivery, Tumor microenvironment, Tumor targeting nanoparticles

Assessment of poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts for virus concentration in water: use of MS2 bacteriophage as proof of concept

2013 Journal of Applied Microbiology / Roig et al. / Keywords: concentration, diagnosis, poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts, virus, water safety

Monitoring surface functionalization of dendrigraft poly-l-lysines via click chemistry by capillary electrophoresis and Taylor dispersion analysis

2013 Journal of Chromatography A / Cottet et al. / Keywords: Polymer characterization, Taylor dispersion analysis, Click chemistry, Pressure assisted capillary electrophoresis

Effective Charge Determination of Dendrigraft Poly‑L‑lysine by Capillary Isotachophoresis

2013 Macromolecules / Ibrahim et al. / Keywords: Capillary isotachophoresis; Effective charge determination; Manning theory

Collagen implants equipped with ‘fish scale’-like nanoreservoirs of growth factors for bone regeneration

2013 Nanomedicine / Benkirane-Jessel et al. / Keywords: bone morphogenetic protein 2, bone regeneration, collagen implant, drug delivery, layer-by-layer deposition, regenerative nanomedicine

Nanofibers Implant Functionalized by Neural Growth Factor as a Strategy to Innervate a Bioengineered Tooth

2013 Adv. Healthcare Mater. / Benkirane-Jessel et al. / Keywords: Neural growth factor; Bioengineered tooth; Jaw reconstruction

Grafting of poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts onto polypropylene surface using plasma activation for ATP immobilization – Nanomaterial for potential applications in biotechnology

2013 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science / Couturaud et al. / Keywords: Dendrimers, Monolayer, Biological applications of polymers, Surfaces, Biomaterials

The effect of poly-l-lysine structure on the pH response of polygalacturonic acid-based multilayers

2013 Carbohydrate Polymers / Parker et al. / Keywords: Polysaccharide, Polyamino acid, Dendrimer, Disassembly, Dual polarisation interferometer, Multilayer

Study of interactions between oppositely charged dendrigraft poly-l-lysine and human serum albumin by continuous frontal analysis capillary electrophoresis and fluorescence spectroscopy

2013 Journal of Chromatography A / Sisavath et al. / Keywords: Frontal analysis continuous capillary, electrophoresis, Binding constant, Dendrimers, Human serum albumin, Fluorescence spectroscopy


Gene and doxorubicin co-delivery system for targeting therapy of glioma

2012 Biomaterials / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Combination therapy, Doxorubicin, pH-sensitive, Cancer targeting, T7 peptide

Targeted imaging of activated caspase-3 in the central nervous system by a dual functional nano-device

2012 Journal of Controlled Release / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Targeted imaging, FRET, Caspase-3 sensor, Nano-device, DGLs

Insulin complexes with PEGylated basic oligopeptides

2012 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science / Sideratou et al. / Keywords: Oligopeptides, PEGylation, Insulin, Protein delivery, Protein–polymer interaction

Hydrodynamic Behavior of Dendrigraft Polylysines in Water and Dimethylformamide

2012 Polymers / Yevlampieva et al. / Keywords: dendrimer; dendrigraft polylysine; hydrodynamic properties; hydrodynamic radius; diffusion coefficient

In situ characterization of antibody grafting on porous monolithic supports

2012 Analytical Biochemistry / Faye et al. / Keywords: Immunoaffinity, Monolith, ADECA, Antibody, Characterization, Immobilization, Quantification

Functionalisation of free amino groups of lysine dendrigraft (DGL) polymers

2012 Tetrahedron Letters / Rossi et al. / Keywords: Lysine dendrigrafts, Chemical grafting, Biopolymers

In Vitro Transfection Mediated by Dendrigraft Poly(L-lysines): The Effect of Structure and Molecule Size

2012 Macromolecular Bioscience / Cigler et al. / Keywords: dendrigraft poly(L-lysines); dendrimers; drug delivery systems; structure–property relations; transfection

Electroanalytical Behavior of Poly-L-Lysine Dendrigrafts at the Interface between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions

2012 Analytical Chemistry / Herzog et al. / Keywords: Electrochemical behavior; Immiscible electrolyte solutions; ITIES; Electrochemical response; Proteins structure

Smart Hybrid Materials Equipped by Nanoreservoirs of Therapeutics

2012 ACS Nano / Benkirane-Jessel et al. / Keywords: biomineralization, biomaterials, osteochondral regeneration, drug delivery, nanostructured coatings, nanoreservoirs of active molecules


Dendrimer-based MRI contrast agents: the effects of PEGylation on relaxivity and pharmacokinetics

2011 Nanomedicine / Kojima et al. / Keywords: MRI; Dendrimer; Polyethylene glycol; Relaxivity; Pharmacokinetics

Chlorotoxin-modified macromolecular contrast agent for MRI tumor diagnosis

2011 Biomaterials / Huang et al. / Keywords: Chlorotoxin, DGLs, MRI, Contrast agent, Targeted tumor diagnosis

A novel mitotropic oligolysine nanocarrier: Targeted delivery of covalently bound D-Luciferin to cell mitochondria

2011 Mitochondrion / Theodossiou et al. / Keywords: Nanocarriers, Mitochondrial targeting, Oligolysine, Triphenylphosphonium, Confocal microscopy, D-luciferin

Aminated dendritic surfaces characterization: a rapid and versatile colorimetric assay for estimating the amine density and coating stability

2011 Anal. Bioanal. Chem. / Coussot et al. / Keywords: Colorimetric assay, Aminated surfaces, Solid support characterization,  Dendrimers,  Coating stability, ADECA

A rapid and reversible colorimetric assay for the characterization of aminated solid surfaces

2011 Anal. Bioanal. Chem. / Coussot et al. / Keywords: Coomassie blue, Quantification, Amine density, Solid support characterization, ADECA


Dendrigraft Poly-L-lysine: A Non Immunogenic Synthetic Carrier for Antibody Production

2010 Biomacromolecules / Romestand et al. / Keywords: DendriGraft poly-lysine; Carrier for antibodies; Immunological properties; Fluorescein; Histamine; Antibody production

Neutral Coatings for the Study of Polycation/ Multicharged Anion Interactions by Capillary Electrophoresis: Application to Dendrigraft Poly-L-lysines with Negatively Multicharged Molecules

2010 Analytical Chemistry / Zou et al. / Keywords: Protein-polyelectrolyte; Polylysine; Electrostatics; Electrophoresis

Arginine end-functionalized poly(L-lysine) dendrigrafts for the stabilization and controlled release of insulin

2010 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science / Sideratou et al. / Keywords: Insulin, Biodegradable polymers, Dendrigrafts, Protein–polymer interaction

Nanostructured Assemblies for Dental Application

2010 ACS Nano / Fioretti et al. / Keywords: pulp fibroblasts, inflammation, cytokines, melanocortin, multilayered films, nanostructured assemblies, Dendri Graft poly-L-lysines

Synthesis and ligation ability of mono aminooxy-functionalized dendrigraft poly-L-lysine (DGL)

2010 Tetrahedron Letters / Bondia et al. / Keywords: Tetraethylene glycol; TEG; Dendrigraft poly-L-lysines; N-carboxyanhydride; Aminooxy group; Ligation; Aldehyde group

Evaluation and mechanism studies of PEGylated dendrigraft poly-L-lysines as novel gene delivery vectors

2010 Nanotechnology / Huang et al. / Keywords: gene delivery, dendrigraft poly-L-lysines (DGLs), PEGylation, pDNA, DGLs based complexes

An Expeditious Multigram-Scale Synthesis of Lysine Dendrigraft (DGL) Polymers by Aqueous N-Carboxyanhydride Polycondensation

2010 Chem. Eur. J. / Collet et al. / Keywords: Carboxyanhydrides; Dendrimers; Polylysine; Polymerization; Polymers

New Nanosized Biocompatible MR Contrast Agents Based on Lysine-Dendri-Graft Macromolecules

2010 Bioconjugate Chem. / Ogawa et al. / Keywords: Paramagnetic nanomaterials; Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); Contrast agents; Lysine-dendri-grafts; Gadolinium chelates; Intravascular half-life; Blood vessels

A leptin derived 30-amino-acid peptide modified pegylated poly-L-lysine dendrigraft for brain targeted gene delivery

2010 Biomaterials / Liu et al. / Keywords: Brain targeting, Gene delivery, Leptin, Non-viral vector, Dendrigraft poly-L-lysine


Colorimetric quantification of amino groups in linear and dendritic structures

2009 Polym. Int. / Coussot et al. / Keywords: Coomassie blue; amino group quantification; poly(amino acid)s; dendrimer; dendrigrafted lysine

Poly(L-proline) II Helix Propensities in Poly(L-lysine) Dendrigraft Generations from Vibrational Raman Optical Activity

2009 Biomacromolecules / Johannessen et al. / Keywords: Vibrational Raman optical activity (ROA), poly(L-lysine) dendrigrafts (DGLs), linear poly(L-lysine)s, DGLs nonimmunogenic properties


Guanidinylated Dendritic Molecular Transporters: Prospective Drug Delivery Systems and Application in Cell Transfection

2008 Chem. Med. Chem. / Theodossiou et al. / Keywords: Cell Transfection; Drug Delivery; Guanidinylated Dendrimers; Liposomes; Molecular Transporters


Interaction and Transport of Poly(L-lysine) Dendrigrafts through Liposomal and Cellular Membranes: The Role of Generation and Surface Functionalization

2007 Biomacromolecules / Theodossiou et al. / Keywords: poly(L-lysine) dendrigrafts (DGLs), guanidinylation, membrane translocation, A549 cells, liposomal internalization, fluorescence

Determination of Dendrigraft Poly-L-Lysine Diffusion Coefficients by Taylor Dispersion Analysis

2007 Biomacromolecules / Cottet et al. / Keywords: poly(L-lysine) dendrigrafts (DGLs), Diffusion coefficients, hydrodynamic radius, Taylor dispersion analysis (TDA), dynamic light scattering, size exclusion chromatography